It has been my desire for several years to use typography and my art, blend them together to create encouragement for our homes! I’m excited to say they are HERE!!! 


This is a set of 15 cards on a sturdy white paper, 4” by 4”. They are based on 1 Corinthians 13:4-8. 


    I hope you enjoy this set of cards! You can scatter them throughout your home as daily reminders of what real love is. You can put them on mirrors, sit on shelves, frame them, carry them with you,  place in your car, give to a friend or use as a bookmark! These would be perfect at the dinner table to read one each night with your children or grandchildren. (Just a few ideas)  These could be used all year long! Gift a set to a friend, encourage your teachers, neighbors, healthcare workers, or grandchildren. 


Each card is on a sturdy paper, professionally printed. They measure 4” by 4”. 


  • Please allow one week from the time purchased to be printed, packaged and shipped!  

Love is . . Cards